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This is done in Mario Kart 64 to skip straight back to the title screen after finishing each cup, as it is faster than watching the cutscene that plays after you win. There is probably over 2 minutes of dead time in this run that could be cut out by just resetting and selecting the next league.

Why not do this? Would it be allowed in a run?


Odd that you asked a question that popped into my mind today, as well.

I think this helps alleviate the mechanical reflexes needed within a run and ultimately makes things a bit more fair between console and emulator. Just my thought, however.


It definitely is dead time in a run to sit and watch the credits after each cup but I'm personally indifferent at the moment. Either way is fine with me, skip it or don't.


The game doesn't acknowledge that you beat the cup until the scoreboard shows up. So it doesn't save the times you got, nor would it unlock Master if you played on Expert. Following the game's logic is usually a pretty good way to make rules, although if everyone agreed to change the rules to allow reset, I wouldn't be opposed to that.