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Hey so I want to speedrun this game and I just want to know y is there only one category for it? Aren't there like a billion different leagues like begginer, normal, expert, master, etc?


We don't want to add a billion categories for a game that has basically no runners. Also there isn't enough difference between every difficulty to warrant a category for each one. The only existing runs were done on Master, though I understand this creates a high entry barrier, so I added Beginner too.
I don't see a point in single cup runs personally, though if more people want it I would be okay to add them as misc categories.

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Thanks man I'm probably gonna hop on the begginner Grand Prix cause I'm new to f zero and am trash atm XD


Good luck! Always nice to see some new runners in these games


I definitely can understand the viewpoint of not adding more categories when there's not many runners, but I think you might find that if people actually spoke up, they'd say they're less likely to run the game BECAUSE there's not any categories.


I wouldn't be opposed to having individual leagues as entire categories, say, under a misc. tab or something like that. It's a good way to improve for Grand Prix while developing a sense of accomplishment along the way. On the other hand, it's not like a leaderboard is necessary for practicing partial runs with a timer running, I did that many times in SMB: The Lost Levels when a series of levels of worlds were giving me trouble, just make splits for that part of the run, and play them like they were their own category.

I can see why beginners might be frustrated running all three leagues in a single segment... Crashing out / ranking out on PB pace on one of the King tracks is very demoralizing... then again, everyone at the top of the boards has probably been through that many times.

But I agree that having a few more categories, might be a good way to grow the community and would be more inviting to ''on the fence'' runners.

I personally don't see a need for segregating by difficulty for this game, as for the most part, that would seem incredibly redundant.


Seperating the game by difficult categories is pointless, as it would make all leaderboards beside master thin. so good just allowing all, as master will give you the best time.

For the question about seperate cup, make a run and we will make a category for it and we will see if it catches on 🙂


In case you didn't notice we added sub-category for each cup.

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