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Recently, in the Metroid Zero Mission section, the possibility of using the RTA in Emulator Runs has been enabled using the Bizhawk emulator with a specific configuration and with strict rules for greater legality when uploading a run. Is it possible that in the future this measure will be taken into consideration for Metroid Fusion?


The problem with allowing Fusion RTA is text advancement. Everyone does it at varying speeds so it's really hard to separate any potential differences from time gain/loss from text mashing.

It would be nice though, ZM is really similar to Fusion so chances are they are similar.


The text mashing really has nothing to do with it, It was the fact we could not determine if emulator was accurate enough to allow it for RTA. Recent research shows promising results and emulator is pretty close to console now than ever.

This is a on going discussion with the other runners if it should be allowed so just have to wait and see when when we will allow it.

If allowed it would be regulated with strict rule sets to make it fair.

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