Cheat% in 12m 43s by HappypemblesHappypembles (Obsolete)

Great run. Still room for improvement especially toward the end but RNG was good during the el Olde Mine Road.

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Name Duration Finished at
To the mink ranch 3m 07s 000ms 3m 07s
RNGoggles 2m 15s 000ms 5m 23s
Ricky Myron jnr 2m 09s 000ms 7m 32s
Bunnies! 1m 52s 000ms 9m 24s
Derby skip 0m 55s 000ms 10m 20s
Meeting crasher 0m 45s 000ms 11m 05s
RIP Ripburger 1m 37s 000ms 12m 43s
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