Any% - PS2 in 32m 34s* by XYX (Obsolete)

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Name Duration Finished at
Rolling Rapids Creek 2m 23s 451ms 2m 23s 451ms
Bog Town 2m 03s 525ms 4m 26s 976ms
Slick Willy's Riverboat 1m 58s 014ms 6m 24s 991ms
River Town 1m 50s 790ms 8m 15s 781ms
Mushroom Valley 2m 07s 247ms 10m 23s 028ms
Fairy Town Spring 2m 02s 348ms 12m 25s 377ms
Tree of Knowledge 1m 42s 095ms 14m 07s 472ms
Fairy Town Summer 1m 37s 086ms 15m 44s 559ms
Cat Dragon Lair 2m 07s 422ms 17m 51s 981ms
Fairy Town Fall 1m 08s 863ms 19m 00s 844ms
The Dark Trail Ruins 3m 20s 253ms 22m 21s 098ms
Dr. Starkensteins Castle 4m 28s 476ms 26m 49s 574ms
Catacombs 2m 48s 972ms 29m 38s 547ms
The Goblin Trail 3m 43s 396ms 33m 21s 944ms
Goblin Fort 2m 27s 206ms 35m 49s 150ms
Joy Castle 2m 25s 478ms 38m 14s 628ms
Towers of Joy Castle 4m 49s 156ms 43m 03s 785ms