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Why can you not use Shift+V in the Any% run?

Wouldn't it be more proper to call it an Any% (No Skip) run?

The Shift+V "trick" is programmed into the game, it's not some external tool or weird gameplay trick - it's part of the game and I think it should be included in the Any% runs; the goal is to beat the game as fast as possible using ANY means necessary.

Shift-V is a means that's programmed into the game, I think it should be allowed.


ich just found a manual of the game

in the thread https:/​/​www.​oldgames.​sk/​en/​game/​full-throttle/​download/​7574/​
there is no shortcut told.
And in other games there are similar shortcuts, i guess this comes not from the
game. The Shortcut shift+V could be from ScummVM
So it is not in the game, it is in the emulator.
I hope this helps.

I think it would be nice if we get the category with shift+v , but not same leaderboard like any%

( ^-^)/)


You can try it on dosbox and if it doesn't work on that, then it is added to scummvm.