Any% in 18m 40s by WinnerBitWinnerBit (Obsolete)

Salty runback after this gem:

Played on Game Boy Advance on

Submitted by WinnerBitWinnerBit on

Verified by WinnerBitWinnerBit on


Name Duration Finished at
Goblin Caverns 1 1m 00s 912ms 1m 00s
Goblin Caverns 2 1m 21s 655ms 2m 22s
King Ijnek 0m 21s 658ms 2m 44s
Ancient Ruins 1 0m 55s 720ms 3m 39s
Ancient Ruins 2 0m 55s 299ms 4m 35s
Rattlesnake 1m 11s 504ms 5m 46s
Sea Town 1 1m 11s 603ms 6m 58s
Sea Town 2 0m 54s 882ms 7m 53s
Stripe 0m 25s 667ms 8m 18s
Sky City 1 1m 29s 163ms 9m 48s
Sky City 2 1m 15s 813ms 11m 03s
Miharbi 1m 09s 091ms 12m 12s
Temple of the Frog 1 1m 16s 888ms 13m 29s
Temple of the Frog 2 1m 09s 122ms 14m 38s
Mr. D Phase One 3m 35s 690ms 18m 14s
HOW TO KILL DEATH 101 0m 25s 530ms 18m 40s
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