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  RDgAyRDgAy This is the schedule for FunRunsMarathon1!
If you need your time slot swapped just let me know!


Pretty Excited for this Marathon
The only edit is that you put my category as LiamPiper instead of Any% Normal.


You have become a category, congratulations!


^ I feel super special now.
It should be Any% Normal but Any% LiamPiper (I am WR holder for the category) I wouldnt mind running.
I would need to romhack the game to change Normal to LiamPiper LOL 😛


9:40 PM CET
very happy with my time window! 🙂


Sorry about that Liam lol It's fixed XD


Thank you
Also i put the donation incentive as $200 not $35 😛
35 is the estimate for minutes that Any% hard would take 🙂


^ Actually ignore that message
$35 is a much better target 🙂


The reason the incentives are so low is cause I'm not expecting to have hundreds of dollars of donations, and plus there's a lot of donation wars and stuff so yea


Do you think you could swap my run with the Luigi's Mansion run because I don't think I will be able to do my run at 5:25 and I can do my run when the Luigi's Mansion run is scheduled.


Ah ok Thats Understandable RubberDucky
Also $35 is perfect as that is ANy% Hard Estimate.


I can but you need to be contacting me on discord Phionex


Lmao I forgot I entered this marathon. Time's good though so I can still run.

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Did you join the discord?