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Hi Jason slayers,

Didn't realize this forum was somewhat active. Just wanted to thank you all for being apart of this small community, one that could be more interactive but I suppose the opportunity hasn't arisen. It's pretty great seeing over 20 times submitted after there being no more than a handful for a couple years. I was essentially the single knowledge base for this game over the course of a decade, from obsessively playing and studying the game at 14 to setting my previous WR at 22. I'm amazed someone beat me to the sub 3 minutes, and before I'm done with speedrunning (likely in 2020) I plan to go for a 2:55. Wish me luck! And good luck to all on your goals. It seems recent routes are a lot easier and faster than anything I'd ever come up with. I can only hope some of the info I gathered lead to this better discovery.

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Awesome stuff! The best of luck to you! I've loved this game my entire life. =)

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