Ability to add more IL leaderboards to a game
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Ability to add more IL leaderboards to a game


I moderate SnowRunner and SpinTires and something that would be extrememly useful for SnowRunner (and I'm sure many other games) would be the ability to add more IL boards.

In our case there are 3 (maybe more) types of IL, some of which use an in-game timer and some of which would be RTA. Currently this isn't really possible to represent and the multiple different IL are on the same (big) board. It has also stopped us from adding some categories as we'd have to add lots of "Full Game" categories.

Are there any plans to add this feature (or can is it possible and I'm just missing the setting)?


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This is something which would be incredibly helpful for the game I moderate. For Goldeneye XBLA we mostly run individual levels but there are different control schemes.

As far as I know it is not possible to switch between versions of the 'all level' leaderboard based on different categories (as you can with full game runs). Maybe someone out there knows otherwise?

If not it would be amazing to have this added!

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Yes, this could be really useful in some games.

For example, if a game have 10 chapters, and each chapters have 10 levels. Having chapter leaderboards on the full-game section could be messy with 10 different categories. But mixing it with the 100 levels on the IL leaderboard can be messy as well.

Will be good to have two different IL sections, one for the 10 chapters, and one for the 100 levels.

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You can use subcategories like sm3dw does

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1 year ago

the problem with subcategories is the overall level leaderboard will only show runs under the default value, which can be potentially obscuring a large portion of the boards.

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Yeah this change is currently one of the most requested fixes on the site. Hopefully in the next big site update, there will be a fix for this.

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