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Victoria, Australia
He/Him, They/Them
6 years ago

Wouldn't it need to split into PS3 PSN, PS4 PSN etc if that was the case?

New York, USA

ZX Spectrum Amstrad CPC For The original Pac-Man

Furry: PS4 versions of games load faster and in certain cases like Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, run at faster frame rates (PS2 - 30fps, PS4 - 60fps) over the PS3 versions of said game. PS4 versions of classics also have trophies (not that it matters).

Edit: Certain versions of the same port (GTA: San Andreas) has small differences. Also, the reason why I posted here in the first place:

Can Panasonic 3DO be added? Super Street Fighter II Turbo had a console release on this platform and has minor differences compared to the other ports.

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I think the thought process would be that "It's not an actual PS4 game". My suggestion is that "PSN Classics" should be the categories as often times, PS3 classic are not the optimal versions to run due to input lag.

European Union

Request: Nintendo Switch (a.k.a. NX) Release: March 2017 Kappa

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Bavaria, Germany

Are you in the future?

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Stockholm, Sweden

Request: Rename Sega Saturns shortage (SAT) to just (Saturn) instead. Looks better and most people know what it means. Its old (SegaSaturn) just looked bad.

I guess it is the same for Sega Genesis (rename it to just Genesis) :)

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New Jersey, USA

Could you add a Plug and Play platform? Surprisingly people are actually running P&P games, so a platform would be nice.

United States

NES Classic please.

DSi (obscure platform)

Florida, USA

Would it be possible to add Virtual Boy?

When I added this game I tried to add Atari Jaguar as one of platforms the game was released for, but I notticed it can't be chosen. Why?

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Bavaria, Germany

It can be chosen; just toggle the 'show obscure' button.

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@ Lighnat0r Thanks!

United States

Nintendo Switch, being as its more than likely going to have speedruns. As well as releasing tonight, would recommend 👍

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United States

Switch is under "Obscure platforms" at the moment in the edit game screen. It needs moved, but it's certainly usable. I added it to BotW, but then someone deleted it.

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Does it really need to be added now though, instead of, I don't know....Closer to release?

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Still got 5 months lol, the console hasn't been approved by the FCC either which is why you can't preorder yet

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