Username Change Requests / Account Deletions
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Username Change Requests / Account Deletions
Victoria, Australia
He/Him, They/Them
7 years ago

krlnrt: Read up to what kirkq said. That name is 21 letters, the maximum is 20.

Devon, England

Could you rename me to "YW1

Utah, USA

i would love it so much if an admin will change my name to "dGamefather" plz? Thanks for the name change before and will love it if it can be changed again! :)

United States

Could an admin change my name to NoobX please?

Could you delete my account, thanks.

Could you change my name to Roesner please?

Florida, USA

Hi, I'd like my name changed to "imdead" if that's possible



Duckinjail, fyi you can have specific capitalisation in case you want to be ImDead or similar.

Victoria, Australia

G'day, can you please change my account name to JordanMate?

Portland, OR, USA

mind to change me to Barnowl instead of BarnOwl? Thanks!

Massachusetts, USA

this is really dumb but i recently left a dumb clan awhile ago and i would like to change my username to what my gamertag was originally was can you please change my current username to "TKGxRainbowDash" i dont wont too associate myself with that group anymore


Someone created the account "puncayshun" to mess with the SM64 leaderboards. Since all of his times were already there under puncayshun, whoever that user is can now edit his times (and has, messing up the leaderboards). There's nothing that can be done by moderators because that user can just edit his times again if we fix them. Would appreciate any help that can be offered. =]

Virginia, USA

hey can i get my name changed to "zbm" thanks.

United States

Kyman: I control that account now. We'll look into site functionality changes.

San Francisco, CA, USA
She/Her, They/Them
7 years ago

Would appreciate a namechange to Samsara very much. Thanks in advance~

Can you delete this account? '

Utah, USA

I just realized I forgot to capitalize my name, Could I get it changed to "Blazingbeta"?

I cannot find where to change my e-mail address or even where to post asking about it? Is it even possible and if so, can I have some assistance please? :) Sorry to post in a thread that is not related to my question..


Hey can I get a name change to TwoWorldsCoexisting ?


I want my name to be "oddRaven".