Username Change Requests / Account Deletions
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Username Change Requests / Account Deletions

HI! Can I have my username changed to "Iden" (that's a capital i at the start) please? thanks

California, USA

Hey, can you change my name to 'Grizzly_dma'

Please delete my account. Thx.

Maryland, USA

Hello, I've searched up that the user Tech is not a found user, I'm hoping its alright if I may have my name changed to it. I would really appreciate it! :D

Madrid, Spain

I would like to change my nickname to "VichinoDDA". Thanks.

Can you please Delete my account and all records tied to it. Thanks for you time.


Can you change my name to "UrXcution", pls!


Can you change my name to garadas21

With no capital letters and the 21.

Tnx a lot!

Texas, USA

Could I get my name changed to EspaceBaleine? I want it to match my Twitch name

Can someone delete my accoutn plz


Can someone please delete my account. I'd really appreciate it.

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Hi I would like to change my current name that is loko to NATHANBDR. For kindness

California, USA

Requesting to have my name changed to Beekle please~

United States

Guy named Administrator: I'm asking Pac to lockout the "admin" and "administrator" names and change your name slightly since there's nothing on them. Having forum users named admin is prone to creating huge problematic misconceptions. Go be admin92 or something if you reeeeaally want.


WoT_Auddy07: The username contains invalid characters. Please only use letters, digits, extended Latin letters, dashes, periods or underscores, without spaces. Limit is also 20 chars.

Vaith319: I'm really confused why you're asking for account deletion one day and offering to help translate the site in a different thread the day after. Please repost to confirm you actually want the account deleted I guess.

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New York, USA

Can you guys change my name to Strvxyy

Could my name be changed to Roflsoldier?

United States

Can someone please change my name to Fro Thanks a bunch!

plz delete this account ty

Oklahoma, USA

Can you change mine to: AustinAuddyDavenport

That should be 20 characters, but if for some reason that doesn't work, please use: AustinDavenport

Thank you!

United Kingdom

Hey, please could I have my username changed to "Natty"?