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Username Change Requests / Account Deletions

Hey, could you please change the "s" to an "S"? Thanks in advance.


United States

LennonPlays: If this is you (it looks like it probably is?): could you post in this thread with that account? Can I delete that account?

I can't make account pages redirect. The search bar should include Twitch names tied to accounts, it's pretty smart.


I would like to change my username to "LosvikeN".. I feel like "los" is too short.. :) Thanks :)

Vatican City

Not so much a username change request but a leaderboard name change, someone submitted one of my runs to a leaderboard under my twitch name, now that I have actually signed up I would like this changed, not really sure where else to ask.

leaderboard is and the current name in there I'd like to get changed is Rampageturke3


turke : done

@kirkq - here we go buddy. If you need anything else let me know.

United States

Deleted account Len (that was registered by the same person), renamed LennonPlays to Len


Hi ! I'd like to change my username to "Karlie" please. Thanks ! :-)

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Overijssel, Netherlands

I would like my username to change to: MajorLeagueMudkip

Pennsylvania, USA

May I have mine changed to josh116pep instead of my email please? :)

Overijssel, Netherlands

Can my name be changed to "Raynius"? Thanks a lot!

Illinois, USA
She/Her, They/Them
8 years ago

Could my name be changed to GuestD please? Thanks in advance.

Can I have a dark blue start and a light blue end? (sorry for my bad english :( )


Alex76FR : you need to donate to the website to be able to shade your nickname

Gelderland, Netherlands

Alex76FR if you donate you get the option for 2 colours

Ooh ok , thanks :p

Missouri, USA

Can someone change my name to NherphZero please?

Thank you

United States

Oh thank God I found this. Lol

I need to change my name to ArdigyyRuns.

I realized that LackATack was way too similar to lackattack24 lol

Can I have my Name changed to "Mdrachet5" ? Thanks!

United States

Can't do spaces, sorry. Leave another post if you want the same thing without a space.