how long does it take to get a game approved/denied on average?
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how long does it take to get a game approved/denied on average?
Florida, USA

hello, just curious on average how long do games get accepted/denied on average? I had submitted mine about 4 or 5 days ago. Not trying to sound impatient just curious how long it takes on average. Does it vary from game to game or is it something else?

California, USA

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Florida, USA

well i obviously saw that, that only really tells how long it takes at most. I was wondering about on average how long does it take. I'm willing to wait as long as it'll take to get the board i'm just curious how long it's taken others to get their boards and such

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Usually 1-2 weeks.

To know the average, you'd have to pull all the data fields "Game Requested On" and "Game Added On." Which might be doable through the API, but not really sure "game request on" dates would be accessible through that method. Outside that, no one could possibly know the average without access to the relevant data.


Even if you could determine the average (which you can't, the data just doesn't exist for it), it would be meaningless. It depends on how active the content mods are, how many games are in the queue, how much information there is in the request (more info means less things staff have to look into, meaning less time to look over the request), and how, uh... obvious (for lack of a better term?) the request is (for instance, a reputable member of the site requesting a popular new AAA game would probably get processed much more quickly than a brand new user requesting a 2007 flash game that nobody's ever heard of).

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Florida, USA

that's fair, only just curious. Thanks for the info guys


You wouldnt believe how many games get added per WEEK

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