How to blacklist users from accessing game
1 year ago

Hello there!

I am the super moderator for the game Roblox: tower defense simulator. After a recent controversy that happened in the discord server I was forced to fire them from the server and take away his moderator for the game. However now he is spamming threads in the game site which I am being forced to delete constantly. May I ask if there is any way to blacklist someone from accessing the game site?

Thank you for reading my post

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You can't, submit a Support Hub request to report the user and get them banned for a period of time

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The absolute best you can do besides reporting the user is writing some sort of script (probably using something like Selenium) which just auto-deletes threads created by the given user

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Sadly I don't have any coding experience but thanks for the help!

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@1 that's a good solution, as automation is very efficient, but it'll probably be complicated for most internet users.

still good though. 👍

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So, what is even going on with this Tower Defense Simulator community anyways? I remember seeing the board a couple of momths ago and seeing a lot of weird things being, people fighting each other especially with this “ownership” thing. Can someone piece together all the puzzles pieces of this story and explain what the heck is going on there?

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Really needs to be a feature for us mods to ban people from the boards we moderate. Have had cheaters and trolls in the past myself. Sucks you gotta deal with this D:

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i think they are supposed to just be instantly banned from src at its whole lol

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Adding the possibility to ban users from entire leaderboards and games could backfire as a mean for some moderators to abuse their power and put unnecessary pressure on players. It would be more than necessary for spamming users like @3r1ght describes, but it's an extreme case. I'm afraid it would do more bad than good. Let's leave this power to the Site Staff.

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[QUOTE=KaweedFul] as a mean for some moderators to abuse their power and put unnecessary pressure on players [/QUOTE] I feel like the solution for this is to just report abusive moderators,

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if you only knew what shit 3r1 has done in his own discord server

1 year ago

@johnathanbanginghis you cant be talking, unfortunately when you tried to set up the second discord server (the prior official server had been deleted), it was entirely chaos and there was no moderation which not only lost trust in the new owner of tds speedrunning but also the entire mod team, just wanted to let you know

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oho mid person

1 year ago

when you get exposed for posted something illegal and also harassing someone and all you can reply to someone defending him is mid, you can clearly tell that you were in the wrong. leave 3r1ght alone and stop harassing him.

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man shut up, solare has done more shit than me


jesus take your school drama elsewhere, who fucking cares what they did in their discord.

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ofc there are Roblox pfps involved. Can we just remove Roblox from the site?

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how does he keep getting away with it

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lol the first post of the drama was alredy completly unnecesary and the whole thread just transformed in an argument completly diferent to what the topic was in first place it looks kinda bad if someone creates drama in a new post and everyone will call it useless and stupid, so instead we get drama spawning out of nowhere in alredy existing posts with a completly diferent topic and make it even worse and i say this because it has happened a big number of times alredy

@1 that was a massive ratio lmao but is also a thing to mention that roblox scenario in src is a more uncontroled place with hundreds of games where anyone can just get mod of a game and then create problems out of there the problem of the original poster happened with roblox, this drama happened with a roblox moderator, and a ton of other discussions with users or troll moderators as well (last time a troll got a roblox game mod and rejected all the runs except his own fake ones with false times like fr) both the roblox comunity and the roblox series mods have to control the sht out of all happening lol

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