High Scores - what shall we do?
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High Scores - what shall we do?
United States

Option 3 is ridiculous to me, investing an exorbitant sum of cash into this website. I say we either host it here or simply find a different domain.

Georgia, USA

Definitely option 1.


I already noticed a couple of the Atari and arcade leaderboards here use the time entry field as a high score one. I wouldn't mind having high score leaderboards on here, and may even participate in a few of them, as long as they are separated in some way from the speedruns.

I also think it's going to be very important to look at some of the scores that will be imported from other sites such as TG with a high level of scrutiny if this does happen. No scores without video proof that is available to everyone should be allowed here, otherwise there is no point in even making alternate leaderboards here.

Pennsylvania, USA

I don't know how much you consider the opinion of a mediocre mario runner, but I think adding high scores would be the best idea. The reason for this is it would make this site the official video game website, not just for speedrunning, but for all video game competitive leaderboards. The name could even be Highscorerecords.com, that is if it isn't taken. Just my input.

California, USA

highscore.run was also available for purchasing at $20/year. I bought it just in case someone wants to troll, and I'm happy to have it redirected to a new website or speedrun.com if no agreement can be reached with highscore.com and that's the direction we want to take.

(right now I made it redirect to speedrun.com)

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Saint Lucia

Wow Its the guy that made speedrun.com :O

Virginia, USA

I’d love to see highscores on the site. Speedruns to me are all about seeing a game played at peak performance and that’s something a high score board can do just as well. The site already has a nice UI that I think could accomodate it really well. I’m all for it ?

Oregon, USA

i think that just using speedrun.com for highscores is the best for reasons many others already said


While option 1 might be tempting, it could add to some confusion for newcomers. And I really don't think we need a centralized highscores website, this is just going halfway on what we really need: a centralized gaming records website. How about buying a whole new domain (gamerecords, gamingrecords, gameleaderboards or whatever is available) and redirect both speedrun.com and highscore.com (if it can be eventually purchased) there.

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Portland, OR, USA

I think speedrun.com should have a function which allows having a ranking based on a number rather than a time, for games where IGT is in seconds instead of M:SS or speedruns which for some reason are measured in an odd unit. This would also allow high scores to be on this site. Personally, I can't really imagine ever using a high scores site for much, so I doubt my say has much importance.


As long as it's not on SRC I could care less tbh

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Tennessee, USA

Not sure if my opinion matters, but I vote option 2. Having high scores on speedrun.com doesn't make a ton of sense, but working together to improve highscore.com and cross-promote, etc. sounds like a good idea.

New Brunswick, Canada

Regardless of what you decide I think it'd be a good idea for srcom to incorporate score. So, sort ascending/descending by score and optionally break ties with time, for example. Maybe this way we could avoid having to make a brand new leaderboard every time an item gets skipped in a low% category.

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Wisconsin, USA

Absolutely integrate high scores on the website. I'm sure it's like it with other games, but specifically with the Crazy Taxi series, there are some challenges in the game that are score attack challanges while others are time attack. If high scores and times are split up it would make games like Crazy Taxi super messy. I am 100% for option 1, though I am not opposed to purchasing highscores.com and redirecting to speedrun.com

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United States

back before speedrun.com existed, i always wondered if a sister site to SpeedRunsLive could've existed, something called ScoreAttacksLive maybe, but it would've just been for livestreams and not high score database.

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There are so many fine options for domain names that I think paying an exorbitant sum for highscores.com would be silly. Just a few suggestions that are available (for now):

  • highscore/hiscore .guru/.camp/.institute/.academy/.cafe

I think the best option would be to basically dual-brand the site but speedrun.com would default to showing speedrun leaderboards for games while highscore.whatever would default to showing highscores.

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Utah, USA

I would love highscores to be added to the site, and have "scorerun.com" redirect here. Option 1 and option 3 are my vote

California, USA

scorerun.com is currently for sale but it's $3,600

Maine, USA

Have you tried Highscore.org?

Colorado, USA

I feel having the speedruns and the highscores under one page for each game is the best way to do it. The highscore people and the speedrun people share the same goal of "being the best at a game" so I think having them both will bring the two communities close together.

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