aiqiyo you are a foreign dog, pls go out of China and change your state
aiqiyo you are a foreign dog, pls go out of China and change your state

Let's talk about my first account "pingjizhuanjia", when I wanted to modify to obey the rules, and asked you to watch live streaming to prove my Astyanax is true, cause this apply obey the rules of sp rejected many times by mod. then I want to ask @aiqiyo ,too simple a thing you should only ask somebody to watch my live streaming, in order to prove my Astyanax apply, but why you bring so many troubles from our country? said something trouble with me in China. after that, I was banned. I think any Chinese could do better than aiqiyo when they met this occasion. I thought no need to contacted aiqiyo first cause as a runner belongs to same state, he did not help me but perished me. So, pls go out of China and never been Chinese again @aiqiyo And @aiqiyo, This time I show your bilibili movies link When aiqiyo in this link, he shows his contra(M) and contra(L), Saiyuuki World pacifist, are all world record. You only show to Chinese how you strong you are. I said many times to you, only the any% champion beat foreigers is the hounor. You submit in the link said "aiqiyo beat DK28's contra(M) with 13m45s, your WR is 12m20s", pls donnot delect this link you submit in your bilibili, DK28 could not play faster than you? it's a laugh kidding, is it worth to say you are contra(M) WR?


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So let me see if i got this straight:

  1. you submit not allowed stuff, with unallowed emulators
  2. a TASer contacts the mods with clear proofs of sketchy stuff
  3. we get infos about you being banned in china
  4. we gather more infos from other members of the NES community from china (people you called out) that say have nothing to do with you and confirm you have been banned everywhere
  5. we reject all your submissions because of the above reasons
  6. you start insulting and spamming all day and the admins ban you (i can't ban people fiy)
  7. you start creating new accounts evading your ban (which is a big no no in EVERY community)
  8. you use the aforementioned accounts to insult me, my mother, aiqi (which is a respected member of the NES community) and basically everyone else (because you know, if you call people FOREIGN DOGS, i assume every foreign is a dog for you, that is, basically every user but chinese ones).

do you realize that at this point there is no way anything from you will ever be accepted anymore? trust me, you can even create 10.000 accounts, you can do anything, but there's no way they will remove your ban and / or accept anything.

bye bye

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FYI this guy is now submitting under the name of Xipo, who is (surprisingly) the TASer that reported him (see point 2. in the previous post). The funny thing is that he really thought he could get away with this, especially with this comment: "Hello!I am Xipo,one player from China,who complained/reported ID:pingjizhuanjia cheated." Yeah totally something some would say in his submissione comment.

Nice try anyway.

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