TAS Requests?
TAS Requests?
Kanagawa, Japan

Ok, not sure where to post this but, I figured here. Just curious if there is anyone out there that takes requests for creating TAS runs, or possibly a place for this?


I'm guessing the tasvideos forums http://tasvideos.org/forum/ would be much better suited for that.


I’m not sure what you mean by “takes requests”. If you go to TAS videos and start asking people to create TAS runs of games they probably won’t be very receptive. TASing is incredibly time consuming and for longer games it can take a very long time to create the TAS. Most people TAS a game they love because of the commitment required, nobody creates them on request.


You could create a TAS yourself tho', here's a tutorial: http://tasvideos.org/TASHowTo.html , if you have questions, ask on the TASVideos Forum (Mitsunee already posted a link), they can help you more than we can.


Yeah, asking people to just make a TAS for you probably won't have the desired results. The best TAS runs are ones that take months, sometimes years of work. If you expected someone to make something for you in a couple of weeks you'd be looking at a very sub-optimal TAS.