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Thread: "Help! The website won't load!"

Started by: foreveranonymousforeveranonymous

The US and UK versions of Fetch a Fruit are known to give errors stating that you do not have Flash Player. The reason for this is unknown, however switching browers has been known to work. Chrome seems to have the most issues whereas Fire Fox and IE have the least.
Another issue is the game simply not loading at all. Some potential fixes are simply refreshing, trying a different date via web archive, trying a different browser and just waiting for the site to come back. Every so often the links go through periods of working and not working.

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Forum: Ooh, Aah & You: Fetch-A-Fruit

Thread: Is using a drawing tablet cheating?

Started by: FennOfficialFennOfficial

It's cheating and I'll stab you if you use it

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