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Hi it is me again and I realised that when you edited the rules you said no changes to the default settings. Well for my run which was before the rule change I switched the settings so it was 2 minutes. Maybe you should add a 2 minute, 3 minute, 4 minute, and 5 minute category for the pickup game and the quest.

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Well, now I see that it makes sense from a rules standpoint and that's my bad for not fixing that before it became an issue. But on the topic of categories, it's fairly redundant to add more of these categories since they'll all have almost the exact same time in the first place. Also, as a recommendation, I would submit another run the complies with the no changes of default rules just so everything is still in order. I'll keep the run-up for maybe another week or so but after then I'll take it down so it doesn't look like you had an unfair advantage.

Thanks for asking though,