I'm new to this speedrunning community for Fnaf World and I'm currently segmenting the True 100% Adventure mode Run for this game. Any tips on helping me would be appreciated and I've probably spent about 5 hours once it hits 10 PM where I live that I would've been working on segmenting the damn splits because I really did scope out the fastest path that I think is shown for me and I also wanna help those with weaker PC's or those who want to record Fnaf World with this program called DXWnd a free tool that can make games that Auto full screen be windowed to your liking and this has helped me a lot with segmenting this game while I'm playing so I don't waste time going back and forth between the two screens. Have a good day and I hope the DXWnd tool helps cause I had to find a tutorial for setting this game to windowed mode to the first place and it can be a good resource too!


Welcome to FNaF World speedrunning! I'm pretty new as well, but once you play the game a bit, you get the hang of it. I've gotten a couple WR's myself 😃. The important thing with True 100% is not being stupid. Obviously. Put a good amount of practice into each separate trophy before attempting it. BE CAREFUL ABOUT THE PEARL. That took me an extra 10 minutes in my run, because I couldn't get DeeDee to spawn. So, just do the minigame whenever you see DeeDee. Use the DJSterf2000 Portal to the update 2 world. It is much, MUCH faster than the regular portal. Get update 2 characters ASAP. That's about as much advice as I can give you 😛.


That's what I've been doing since I've seen your run. The first completed run I did, the pearl wasn't too much of an issue but there's a few times where the bobber touches the pearl but the game says you didn't touch it, so it gets annoying. 😕 I have a strategy to get the pearl included with parts of the run like for the 4th warp, once I get the Run: Luck chip after hitting the button you can actually teleport while it's saying what chip you collected to the 1st warp and get the pearl and go back to 4th again so it's not that hard to implement the pearl, it's just knowing when you have the safe barrier between splits to get a chance at the pearl.

Honestly when I first wanted to run True 100% I actually routed the category myself but after 5 hours of routing and being stuck at security I had to see what you did in your run and to my surprise I didn't expect update 2 characters to be that early and yeah I didn't know about the other warp at the time but once I found out what you did, I implemented 8 splits for all the mini games in the order you did them but not exactly though.

What I did was make any% first and since you have to play Freddy In Space 3 times, I did no upgrades and all upgrades so it's not hard. Chica's Magic Rainbow can be a bitch from time to time but after doing the any% because honestly you're forced to get 3 minutes and 1 second as the best overall time but once I finish the any% it's easier but I also have to worry about the minor lag that might give me a couple issues in a few areas but the one I hate the most is the eyeball section cause you can easily get screwed in your run by those things and ironically the final flower at the section I forgot how I did it before and had to do a quick run back and forth before practicing it again and jumping before the trigger and finally got the true strategy back.

Foxy.exe is one I'm particularly not gonna run through completely, I play the entire second screen safe and constantly move and stop every 1.5 to 2 seconds but when I stop it's very brief like .25 or .3 seconds and for the last screen I basically play it safe until the 3rd cat and just run through it. I had one run where I apparently got jumpscared twice by the same cat even though I was constantly running and it didn't end too well from there.

I am however gonna make a few changes to the route for True 100% like right after getting all 8 Update 2 characters that you don't immediately restart the game but instead immediately go for PurpleGeist and get the Rainbow ending a lot sooner in the run so that Animdude is basically the final boss to kill in the run. My strategy for the bosses with 100K hp or more is basically rely on Slasher, while it's very useful when it does get a hit, I understand how stupid I can look when I fucked everything up along with RNG not working in my favor.

I will admit that getting 20 minutes ahead of WR and being on Rainbow and having both the game and recording crash and having RNG hating me all the way until the final attempt at PurpleGeist before losing WR finally gave me mercy and ended 1 minute ahead your WR. I will honestly admit I started to rage a bit when Rainbow ending was being a complete bitch. Sadly I'm not uploading both parts of the recordings as I don't want a spliced recording and instead want a one and done run so that I don't make myself look bad and make me feel like a doucher.

In that same run the Run away trick actually was really in my favor for the entire run except for a few battles where it took a bit but other than that I got good Run RNG but I just wished everything else kinda worked out as I planned. I have 53 splits for the True 100% run as of now but I never included any of the bosses in the splits except for the Normal Ending boss and basically once the screen for the XP and Tokens finished I usually Split from there because it feels better for me to split once I get off that screen and not right after the boss dies because there's a lot to keep track so once the screen comes up I can think for a second and say that I can now split once the screen ends.

Some advice for Freddy In Space is spam the x button very fast. I know it's hard to constantly fire really quickly in the same game 3 times in one run as your arm can get really tired but I actually have a way of firing faster than the speed you fire. I kid you not, I jitter tap my X key so much that my arm hurts after the first run through of Freddy In Space but after no upgrades and getting all the gun upgrades I can just hold X for the final room as a complete cakewalk and while yeah I can shoot a tad bit faster than the firing speed of the 10th level gun (which is all 9 upgrades collected) I still hold X as it keeps it consistent while I might stop for a brief moment and missing on a couple of extra shots, so it's very complicated wrapping everything around but once you do, it gets easier to understand.

In a few hours I'm gonna be practicing going for Rainbow Ending right after the Update 2 characters are collected so I can implement it in future runs and hopefully have less game crashes because my game crashes 10 to 15 minutes before 2 hours has been reached and ironically you experienced that on last nights stream on FNaF World Hard Mode speedrunning but I got it worse cause I'm doing a run where a crash can happen right at the end but after the rerouting and of course testing a couple other things that I never told you to see if one path is faster than the other then hopefully the run should be a bit more optimized than what it was.

It's amazing how I been trying to get a run for True 100% since being here 2 weeks ago and I'm already trying to reroute the game to be more optimized and have found a better route than you kinda did. Freddy In Space is what wastes a lot of my time for the Update 2 characters because my FPS isn't as high up as your FPS so I lose time because of that. I could save probably more than 5 to 6 minutes on Update 2 characters if I had a better PC than Windows Vista but I'm happy that I'm finding faster routes and potential changes to the routes to make it faster for future runners and maybe some day we might get this game into AGDQ or even SGDQ because it would give the game a bit more hype and it can attract more people to run the game but that's my speculation. Still it would be amazing if a lot more people saw how dedicated some people are to a category that can take about 2 hours or more within the first attempts of running it and make the times a lot shorter than what it used to be.