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As the first person to have ever completed the "Chipper Ending" speedrun with the world record of 27m 49s on Hard Mode, you can either make the run faster by making the run significantly easier by doing any mode you want (Normal or Hard) which could probably result in sub-23 because of how much less health Chipper has. In Hard Mode, if you book it through the whole run, you can probably pull of a sub-27:30 which would be insanely lucky to pull off and make the run much harder. Not to say that the run is difficult by any stretch, it is really a cakewalk and you can do all the bosses super easily up until Chipper himself. Chipper is a very difficult boss to handle and this is why I think this category of speedrunning has never been completed before.


Well, it's the same for Rainbow, It's extremely hard to even make it to Rainbow at all during the random encounters in the Geist Lair, I actually died to my last encounter in the room with the final boss trying to do early Rainbow for True 100% and that within itself can result in numerous runs ending constantly due to RNG, it's literally nerve racking to say the least when attempting to do it.

Yeah being able to defeat Rainbow earlier in the run would save at least 30 seconds of running not counting encounters and that within itself is still hard to do because you're forced to use neon wall 2 every time Coffee is up which isn't so bad when you think about it because the mini rainbows aren't a problem when it comes to defending but the hardest part is definitely gonna be speed due to having zero chips immediately upon doing everything up to the battle but purple guy does help in that regard.

Another factor is relying on Slasher, literally you can't beat Rainbow unless you get 2-3 Slasher executions on Rainbow successfully and this is dependent on how good RNG is treating you for Slasher, literally you can get 2 Slasher hits within the 1st minute and be fine for the rest of the battle attacking Rainbow with Jack-O-Bombs and 4th Wall and a good indicator to use Bubble Breath is after every 60 seconds has passed, you get enough time to last a full ingame minute before the effect eventually wears off so it's a very good marker to keep track of.

Right now, I don't wanna deal with more rerouting stress inducing fails to make everything work because sometimes it's not worth spending 3 hours trying the same location over and over after doing the mini games and restarting back to the Geist Lair location not making easy progress, I can say that 80% of the time I can get 80% of the way through before dying so it's definitely possible but I wanna leave that alone for now before trying to stress myself out again.


If you're going to go for True 100%, what will really cut your time down is practicing all the other categories first because literally what True 100% is is combining all of the other categories together into one mega-run. I personally am not a big fan of True 100%'s or 99.8%'s so I just stick with the small categories but for True 100% if you practice each category individually it will really help you in the long run.

For example, I am trying to practice the Normal Mode Security Ending category again and because of all the time invested in 4th Glitch (which is the hardest category because it's all down to RNG and speed) I can consistently get to the Key before 10 minutes with Auto: Shield. Therefore, this would probably help you with True 100% when trying to get to Security early. But, I don't know. This is just speculation.


Well, I did True 100% on my own route that I made along with help from puppyguy9 who I watched only the first portion of his video to do the DJSterf warp to the update 2 characters easily, without that video I would've been stuck trying to fight security and Animdude the entire time. Everything I did for my splits except for Update 2 characters was what I routed myself so I found a nifty way of cutting the time down for True 100% in the first place but keep in mind that recording + playing on a Vista means that I'm gonna be a while in the Freddy In Space mini game because that one throws my FPS into the low 20's at the bubble section which really fucks me over on time because it's inconsistent, I can save at least 5 to 10 minutes just from Freddy In Space alone not counting my 1 retry at the OOB area and at Chipper plus my Slasher RNG for Security and Anim wasted I'd say a good 5 to 7 minutes so in all honesty, a sub 1:30:00 is definitely possible but I need a better PC to play on to counter the whole lag section in FIS in order to save the time there and have good RNG.

Plus you can't forget that True 100% also means getting all of the chips as well, so if I we're to get to security very early then I might waste time because before I usually go into a warp I have to get: 1. The chips in the surrounding area that I can physically get at that moment, 2. The clocks for the clock ending and 3. this saves me time having to do everything as a back track and risking more random encounters especially the characters because I've noticed there's a certain bug that happens when one of the FNaF characters challenge you where you can't run away because the game doesn't allow you to do that for some bloody reason and because I got 6 to 7 character encounters I wasted probably 1 to 2 minutes from those battles alone simply because of a stupid bug.

One interesting thing I found is that if you get a random encounter at the very beginning of the game when you're trying to bypass the tree for the DJSterf warp and continue on doing the mini games for the Update 2 characters and then restart the game after getting the final character, when you open up your save file the game actually updates your position to your last encounter location before you used the warp which I thought was pretty awesome because you can actually save 5 to 7 seconds just from that alone and while that may be a very insignificance to see, it's still helpful in the end.

The Pearl is something that's a bit difficult to include time for in the run because you have to find the right moment in order to go to DeeDee and do that mini game and since you have to get the pearl 5 times it's very difficult when RNG gives you a fish that's almost or exactly the same speed as the pearl and to make matters worse is if it's one of the fish on the bottom that behave like that because you're essentially screwed out of a minute on an attempt like that alone, I will admit that the True 100% run I submitted though, I managed to get the pearl all 5 times in a row which I think is pretty awesome considering that I lost a bit of time on some splits because I basically tried doing it at the most necessary moment I had and it worked out in favor for me in the end on time considerably.


I revamped the leaderboards after seeing this. For categories such as Rainbow Ending where you must use Adventure Mode, the option for Fixed Party was removed. Universe End Ending runs on Fixed Party are no longer accepted. Any category which can be done on either Normal or Hard Mode now has a subcategory dedicated to each.


@EeveeSRL THANK YOU for the revamps on the leaderboards and making the sub-categories for the 4th Glitch Run, Clock Ending Run, and the Chipper Run. For me, this significantly boosts my playtime on FNAF World because I will be trying to get these sub-categories as well as the main categories. Again, thank you for the revamps and I do very much appreciate it, as will most of the new future speedrunners of this game.


I think that revamp actually makes things better, a couple categories were impossible to beat on one party setting because of the limitations or the very specifics of one objective requires something more than what the party setting can actually do so thanks!