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After thinking about it a bit, I've decided to add this category. It's pretty much the "Ultimate 100%." It involves all the requirements of 100%, plus a few other things:
You must buy every Byte and defense upgrade.
You must unlock every character.
You must get the Universe End Ending.

Fun fact: I called this 157% because I did some math and weighting. I took all the requirements for 100%, weighted them appropriately to equal 100%, then apply those weights to the extra requirements of this category. In the end it totaled to 157%.

In addition, I've renamed "99.8%" and "True 100%" to "100% Pre-Update 2" and "100%" respectively, since that better fits the requirements of the categories.


If you're curious about what I weighted each of the requirements to, here you go:
Each ending is 9%
Each Update 2 character is 4%
The pearl trophy is 2%
Each regular character besides the starting 8 is 1%
Each Chip is 1%
Each Byte is 1%
Each defense upgrade is 1%


@EeveeSRL I think Sheppard would be happy to see this inclusion. I want to try 100% Pre-Update 2 and he wants to try 157% and 100%, so I speak for Sheppard and myself here, thank you for the revamps on the runs and I really like the new layout and things you have added there.