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I've never liked True 100%. It's not really True 100%, there are a few trophies that aren't included (Like the fan, for example.). So, I propose to you, "Ultimate 100%". Every trophy. Every Chip. Every Byte. Thoughts?


That would be a really fun idea for the people that have a lot of downtime and are willing to actually go for such a huge achievement. It puts the aspect of RNG and skill together like nothing ever seen and this would be a good run to test the skill and consistency of a speedrunner of FNAF World for hours per run.


I will try that myself when I get the chance tomorrow, well when I wake up but there's a few issues with this like DEP that force closes your game because of improper memory usage which is what I found out that crashed my recording for True 100% in the first place and since grinding for characters might take a long time especially doing Universe End Ending, you won't be able to do the Normal and Hard mode bosses until after getting the ending now. I predict 4 to 6 hours on the first completed run when I do this but I imagine the splits being 70+ maybe??? I have no idea until I start doing routing for this category later tonight to prepare for tomorrow, Endings will definitely be shuffled around to allocate for the limitations until I get specific stuff done first in order to do everything.

Getting all of the Bytes and the Armor just involves either farming in the Geist Lair which gives you about a few under or over 200 Tokens per encounter or just farm security and get 500 Tokens per battle w/ restarts but I think the Geist Lair option might be faster but it depends on how many enemies show up per encounter so it's kinda back and forth but I will have to test that later on when I'm not doing runs.