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The current, official version of FNaF World is far too buggy for my computer to run at a smooth pace.
FNaF World: Redacted, a recreation of FNaF World on GameJolt, allows me to run it at 60 FPS (I think it's 60, will have to check on that), but it also changes some aspects of the game.
I assume this fan-made version isn't allowed to be used, but if it is, someone correct me.


If game changes have been made then it isn’t allowed, but I’m not a mod so I’m not certain. But that’s usually a general rule in speedrunning, that’s why emulators arnt used for most games.


So, I just looked through the game's settings, and you CAN change them so it's reverted to the original game's mechanics.
But the changes mostly affect Adventure Mode, as getting characters is done differently.
There are two choices for the Encounters setting: Deliberate and Random.
Random is the closest to the original game as the encounters are, well, random!
So is the character grabbing.
In fact, in an Adventure Mode run, if you're trying to get a certain character, you actually lose time because you have to click through a couple dialogue boxes whether you're on Deliberate or Random.
I'll do a few more tests, but I'm pretty sure Fixed Party Mode is mostly unaffected.
Edit: Please note that I do not intend to submit any runs using this version of the game until I am completely aware that it is allowed (even though it most likely isn't)


FNaF World Redacted is not the official FNaF World Version played on, this is only a fan game, not to mention the game itself also has an area 9 and 10 which DOES NOT exist in the original FNaF World.

Now as for FNaF World being buggy, this is actually due to your framerate. In FNaF World, (and any other FNaF game out there) because the game is made on Clickteam Fusion 2.5 engine, your movement in the game is actually dependent on your FPS, and even with cheat engine, this overworld movement is not affected whatsoever by the speed.

With this conclusion, you're just like me back in Mid July 2017 - Late Dec. 2017 and in Mid Feb. 2018 to Aug. 2019 where you're playing on a computer that's not exactly the best at running this game. The most FPS dependent area in FNaF World comes from the Freddy In Space minigame upon entering the lower section which is where all the bubble textures and stuff are found, causing your FPS to drop by half than when you originally entered (or at least this was what I experienced averaging 40 - 50 FPS on the top half compared to 20 - 25 FPS on the lower half of the entire map), so it's heavy on the resource end for that.

Now there is a way on Windows 10 where you can window the game aka Windows + Down Arrow, but unfortunately this method doesn't affect anything besides being a windowed version of the game, the resolution stays the same whether you do this or not, so the FPS remains unaffected, which is very disappointing because that would've helped a lot of people out with lower end PC's but we can't do anything about this sadly.

I do understand that playing with such low FPS can be quite troublesome, and believe me, playing on a super old computer going into Dusting Fields was almost unplayable because of how bad my FPS dropped (1 - 5 FPS), but this wasn't the same PC that I used back in 2017 to early 2018 when I first did runs of this game. If you're more than interested in trying to do any times for the minigames (besides Freddy In Space for the reasons mentioned above), then give them a shot!

You should have a smooth 60 FPS experience this way as they're easy to do and does take some amount of knowledge save for Chica's Magic Rainbow, as that's the most intense of the 4. As for the other categories, 100% could still give you some chances to beat some of the older times on the leaderboard still present, yes, the lack of being able to compete at a comparable skill level sucks, but this was what I had to deal with too, so just keep a good reminder of my old runs for FNaF World and know that you're not the only one who fought like hell to get some parts of this game the way it is today 🙂

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