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Last night, me and ZombieGabriel were in a Discord VC while Gabe was doing Hard Mode Rainbow Ending and in that same run, he managed to get a 4:04 FIS Jack O' Bonnie split and was wondering if it was community World Record based on the conversation we also had during the call where I discussed about me having a 1:20 CMR (Not recorded but I have the screenshot) while someone on YouTube had a 1:01 CMR time but didn't say if it was an official WR. I think it would be fun to see if all 4 Update 2 minigames to have their own category because it would be a fun gimmick type category for everyone to try, and I would surely do CMR even though it's the only minigame to have an ingame timer, I think RTA and IGT for CMR would be appropriate so that it shows more of a skill gap between players and it could also give more competition 😃

Now I get that Foxy Fighters is a strange one to even speedrun but to really speedrun that one, you really do have to kill all the enemies for a specific section really quickly and you need to be almost right next to Souldozer just enough so you don't take damage but also damage him quickly and I think that's what also influences the time along with the the ships leaving the screen if the AI will be closer to you so it's RNG just for the ending of the minigame, maybe Score could be an optional part of the submission if we do separate Any% to A Rank.

Foxy.exe is also a very strange one because of the strategy that's involved but RNG does play a factor on the second screen and depending if you got jumpscared on the second screen, it can influence the skips for the 3rd screen, so I can see times being a bit more spread out than FF but not as much.

Freddy In Space is questionable due to the FPS droppage in the Bubble Section which can really make a huge difference in the competition. I would only see the Any% Category for FIS to truly have an optional "Cupcakes Grabbed" to show a larger time range between cupcakes being a difference in runs which surely do but the damage is a bit bare but it's really up to the moderator.

I wouldn't mind taking the time to run all 4 minigames over and over just to try and get simple timesaves because it gives everyone some sort of "Practice" especially for categories like 100%, 157%, Rainbow Ending, Chipper Ending, and any other category that includes Adventure Mode if necessary until otherwise.

If anyone else has anything to add to this suggestion, feel free to do so!
What do you think of this suggestion? let me know your thoughts about these new Misc. categories being a potential interest for future runners!
Have questions about my suggestion? Don't be afraid to ask me, I'm almost always available 24/7 and I will respond when I can.


Yeah, I've had similar thoughts. I'm honestly surprised this hasn't been brought up yet 😛.


Well, me and Gabe just discussed about it after he got the 4:04 FIS Any% and this was near the end of the call at 1 AM for me, but I'm surprised that you had similar thoughts about this but didn't share it with us before me and Gabe talked about it last night and you probably had the idea for a while but just wanted to wait and see things unfold when someone finally decides to mention it 😛


I honestly never know when something's going on in the Discord anymore. I leave and come back and see, "157 unread messages." Das a lot.


Well you can explain that to me and Dark who talk practically everyday on strategies, plus Discord is the only place where I really talk to anyone anymore, plus check more often and you might not have to get a shit ton of messages at once, it would make your life easy 😛