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For anyone that is online and doesn't know me, I'm going to say a simple introduction. My name is ZombieGabriel, and I am a FNaF World speedrunner, and, out of all but one or two people here, am the current oldest speedrunner for the game. I remember when the game's speedrunning times were much higher than they were now, when notable progress was made without use of things like the Fredbear Clip, optimization, and many other things that made FNaF World speedrunning as easy as it is to do today. It was a fun hobby, and I remember when I hit my first world record with the game, which was a 24 minute Clock Ending for Hard Mode. After that, I would be motivated to try to improve that time, as well as try other categories out there. I eventually started to dominate the leaderboards, in a somewhat constant race with a previous mod known as AshEevee. I still, to this day, didn't get my wish of wanting to talk with him, unfortunately. After about December, I decided to sit on the game, since the game seemed to not attract as much fanbase as it was one of the more looked down upon games in the series, even today. I played not for winning, but for the fun and for the improvement. I never moved to any of the other games, since this was the one that stood out for me.
Over the course of a few months, I sat on the game, and when I came back, I saw two new people join the leaderboards and work towards beating my then horrible times; Halo and SheppardKiller. The three of us went on and I picked up the momentum to start running the game again.

Over the majority of that summer (last year) and into the school year, we all had common goals of wanting to make FNaF World as optimized as it possibly can go. We worked and we tried to get the times down as much as we could. In around September, another new runner joined the field, by the name of Dhulkan. He is, if he puts his mind to it, the best speedrunner of the game I have ever seen. We all tried to push him to try to go for world records, but he didn't stick around for long, and he took a hiatus he's still taking. In his awakening, another, much more unknown speedrunner joined; Dark. One of my best friends at the time and even to this day, though we don't talk much, he's a great person. Was great to the rest of us, and he looked in the same eyes I did. We both pushed each other and motivated each other in ways that me, Halo, and SheppardKiller couldn't. Over time, he took a break, and so did I, and I still like to consider that I am on break now.

But to break the ice and the sudden ping and everything that's happening, it's been a long run, and I have had loads of fun in the past nearly four years with the game, the community, the series, everything. I want to resign as a moderator of this server, the page for FNaF World, and everything else related to FNaF that I am linked to. I want to say that I will resign a very happy person. I will still be around, but I will be incredibly inactive in the community and in speedrunning. There might be sudden bursts where I find an interest in the game again, but don't expect anything huge to come out of it. I hope all of you enjoy your times with the community, since these past four years have really amped up my life, and I am very happy with the person that I have shaped to be now, and I couldn't have done it with a few other things, this game included. Have a nice day everyone.

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We will wait for your return, my friend.

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It was great having you around when I first joined the community a couple weeks after my first ever 100% run, thanks for all the good times man, your hard work will definitely be appreciated and I'm glad I had a friend to give me a lot of knowledge with everything, thanks for everything and I hope the future is brighter for you too! Thank you man!


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