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For a few months now, Me, ZombieGabriel, and Puppyguy9 had an official Discord Server for FNaF World that the 3 of us had made but barely used at all. Since the recent events of having 2 new runners come in within the last week and giving them both invites and of course being asked by Pupper himself about, "is there not a link to the FNaF World discord on the forums? I can't find it :p" so I decided to make this forum post regarding from last night so for any of those who want to try this game out yourselves, talk about new potential routes and strats, or want to ask us about certain things, join us here:

We hope this community does grow larger sometime in the near future because there's still a lot of potential to squeeze out from this game and if you know that you can do something like this but you haven't taken the time to do so, then what're you waiting for? JUST... DO IT!

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