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It's that time again, where "Unscrew" crosses our minds and we argue whether it should be permitted in runs, or should be prohibited from use.

Gabe and I noticed that Unscrew is too ridiculous to be "fair" in a run, and the reasons speak for themselves.

Against normal enemies, unscrew has a 30% chance of instantly defeating an enemy (whereas Unscrew II has a 50% chance). But against a boss, such as Browboy or Bubba, the odds for unscrewing actually hitting the boss, are ABOUT 1/500. The exact odds are unknown, and consistent Unscrew hits would be borderline impossible.

Speaking of consistency, let's say i needed to have unscrew hit twice. That's 1/500 twice, now do some probability math and that's a 1/250,000 chance that it would hit twice in a row. Let's add another hit. If you wanted to hit three unscrews in a row on bosses, that's a whopping 1/125,000,000 and this stacks up each time you add a hit.

Before anything is said about optimization, that's one of the big reasons why this is being posted. We want to make FNAF World as optimized as possible, but without it being nearly impossible to do so, while in a bit more of a fun way rather than hopelessly praying an unscrew hits within the first 15 seconds of a Bubba fight.

So basically, getting a WR is like winning the lottery. I'd like to have a friendly discussion on whether we think Unscrew should be banned or not.

Let me know what you guys think,

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Honestly? I don't think that there is any way to not make FNaF World a lottery.

In my eyes, this game is all about rolling the dice over and over until you get the intended result. It's totally possible to lose a run to bad movement, or bad management. But mostly, that's not what kills most runs. It's just RNGesus being a prick. It happens with encounters, it happens with character grinding, it happens with Gold Endo. RNG is the defining feature of this game (outside of general knowledge of the game, but that's obvious. While more important than good RNG.).

Is that a bad thing? I think not. It's certainly much different to some speedgames that rely on pixel perfect movements, or frame perfect jumps. But that doesn't take away the excitement you get from getting a good run.

So here, runners need to make a choice. Take out as much RNG as you can to get a sub-par run, or roll the dice until you get WR. This decision does not belong to the rules, it belongs to the runners.

On top of this, removing strategies from the leaderboards isn't something we should be touching. Things should only be specified in the rules if they give runners an advantage (and other obvious things like video evidence, no glitches, etc..). It's the same reason that we removed load times (and in the case of glitches, the tent glitch.). Anyone can use Unscrew. You don't need to pay a DLC to use it. You don't need a good PC. You just need determination and good luck. Just like any other part of a run (mostly).

Now I know that there are a lot of runners that think Unscrew is cheap. But keep in mind that Unscrew, while a large part of any run, does not define a run. You can have a shit run, but get Unscrew at the end. Will it be a time save? Of course. Will it automatically give you WR against someone who didn't use Unscrew? Of course not.

These are my thoughts. Define them as you will.

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That's actually a really good idea, we should make something like that happen.


Another thing I forgot to mention. In this sense, we should also ban the Fredbear Clip. It saves about 5 minutes in a run? Maybe 3? That's even more than using Unscrew on the Security fight. The reason that we do not ban the Fredbear Clip is that it doesn't destroy the game. You can still get a good run without the Fredbear clip. Hell, you can still get a good run without Unscrewing anything. But this is a strategy. Something to add to the run. Just because it's high risk, high reward does NOT mean it is worth banning.

There are examples of high risk high reward strategies in other speedgames that aren't banned. SMB has the pole clip, fast 4-2, the Bullet Bill glitch, and even more tricks in the run to save time. Can you still get a good run without those tricks? Of course. Are they unlikely to pull off? Absolutely. But when you do, you get an even better run. But it doesn't matter if you don't do well in the rest of the game. Another example in Mario Kart, the Weathertenko. Can you still get a good run without this trick? Yep. Is it unlikely to pull off? You tell me (

I've said this before, and I will say it again. Unscrew is just another strategy. If people don't like the RNG side of it, or not turning the game into a lottery, then they don't have to use it. But they shouldn't ruin the game for those who want to taste the RNG. To push the limits of the game we have poured hundreds of hours into, and of which we will pour one hundred more.

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Got a bit sidetracked, the mod team is working on it as we speak.