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In case any of you can't figure out what that title means, I'm resigning as a mod. This game in general has just been a chore for me to maintain, and honestly I've just been too lazy to get rid of it.
Since I am the only mod, I obviously have to pass the baton to someone. As such, I'll be giving mod to SheppardKiller, puppyguy9, and ZombieGabriel. I did work hard on making this leaderboard nice and as organized as possible, so my only request as I pass on my power is that you keep it nice and tidy.

Best of luck,
Ash "Eevee"


Oh okay can't say I was expecting this 0.0 Alright. Best of luck, Eevee.


Well, Eevee, if you're gonna pass on the power from this game, does that mean you're gonna be resigning for the FNaFB leaderboards as well? When I get a new computer again so I can get back into speedrunning because I'm in a bit of a rut as of now, I'll be actively playing the game a lot more along with FNaF World if my new computer is actually nice to me but I hope it is, plus I've been playing a lot of FNaFB fangames when ever I had the chance to play them on my very old Win XP computer but the computer itself is so old and it has a ton of issues that I consider it a feeble attempt, but I hope things go well for you.

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