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You start at 0/20, and after beating the night you're on, you add one more character for the next night (so 0/20, 1/20, 2/20, and so on until 50/20). One downside to this run is that it takes awhile to complete, so this post is more of a poll on the idea.
Do you guys think this should be an added category or is it too long of a run to be one?
Here's my video on it if you want to see how a run of it looks -

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Oh god. Props for doing such a lengthy run. I doubt anybody else will take 6 hours out of their day for this, considering how repetitive it might get with some animatronics being less impactful. Props for that, though.


Yea, but a deathless time is a lil less than 4 hours and you could choose your order of animatronics instead of doing them in line like I did, this way leaving all the rng for last and speeding up the process by a lot
Also, hi there Nucleus 😉

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Good lord. That's a feat.

I don't think this is something that fits with the boards. It's certainly interesting, but it's abstract. It's a challenge more for the sake of being a challenge, and less for the sake of a speedrun, if that makes sense. Not to mention this would be abhorrently difficult and dull.

This is something that would be more fit for a CE page: This sort of fan-made challenge. With that being said... I think it's worth keeping on our radar.


Ye, that's fair enough. I just thought it'd be an interesting category so ye