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In the rules for 100% Skipless, it says "No skipping nights/dialogues/cutscenes". Nights are obviously unskippable, but why not cutscenes or dialogues? And/or what counts as a cutscene/dialogue?

Probably worth changing.


There are dialogues and cutscenes you can skip in FNaF: SL. And cutscenes are the 6 AM cutscenes and regular cutscenes between nights in FNaF 2, FNaF 3, FNaF 4, and FNaF: SL. And also the paycheck cutscenes.

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@DarkKiller318 I am fully aware.

@SpiderHako But why are they unskippable on this category? Even on SL's own SRC page cutscenes are skippable, all the between-night cutscenes aren't skippable to begin with (?), and the paycheck cutscenes are all skippable on each game's own page, no?