Is the Extreme Rainbow Pack locked?
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Is the Extreme Rainbow Pack locked?
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5 years ago

Hi JustLeafy2003, The Extreme Rainbow Pack is a pack that is only available when bought from the in-game store, rather than being included in the game after initial download. In general, DLC or in-app purchasable content is not allowed in speedruns. This also applies to the Green Pack, Blue Pack, 11x11, 12x12, 13x13, 14x14, and 15x15 Mania Packs, the Purple Pack, Pink Pack, Jumbo Rectangle Pack, and Kids Pack. I hope this answers your question!



It didn't really answer my question. I want to know if the levels in Extreme Rainbow Pack are locked or not, after buying the pack. I know it is an in-app purchase, but I'm not sure if the levels are locked, just like in the mania packs, like 6x6 Mania or 7x7 Mania. The reason why I'm doing this is because I'm doing this for the wiki of Flow Free, to be assure if it is locked or not. That way, I'll be able to provide the solutions and information for the Extreme Rainbow Pack levels in the wiki. Thanks for responding!

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Extreme Rainbow Levels are not locked and may be completed in any order you wish.

Also, @MrFun, any pack DLC or not is eligible for a speedrun. You just have to request the category in the forums category request thread.

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