Any% in 1h 22m 28s by Silo_SimonSilo_Simon - 1st place

Made a lot of mistakes and the game soft-crashed once, but overall the run was decent. I think with little to no mistakes the run could be sub 1:10 or sub 1:05, perhaps even sub 1 hour. With any new decent skips found we could probably get sub 1 hour. If someone can figure out why Dark Axel bounces back occasionally after hitting him (making you unable to get a hit on him, wasting an entire cycle), and find a way to avoid that, then I think that would help a lot lol. If there is ever a skip found to wrong warp or just hit some loading zone to get to any worlds earlier than normal, that would be really nice. We can still beat the final boss no matter how many of the powerups we collect, so overall it just depends on how many we skip that would determine how long it would take. I think if we were somehow able to wrong warp to Dark Axel right after the tutorial world or even during/before the tutorial world, the run could maybe go down to like 30 minutes just because of all of the cycles you'd have to burn before you could hit him 8 times with the book. Could even be slower than just getting a few other powerups and then wrong warping lol

Also the first PB I am posting on youtube and with the new cruise boost anywhere strats, so that's cool. If someone got really good with cruise boost movement I feel like this game would be pretty crazy to watch.

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