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Thread: Categories for weapon only any% runs.

Started by: rotorstorm331rotorstorm331

How about we add a Rifle-only category in the first instance (so no crash bombs or other weapons)? I'm just hesitant to add loads of extra categories that may be left with very few runs.


Forum: Mercs

Thread: Ps1 version

Started by: darkaymdarkaym

Sorry, I didn't pick this up sooner due to the site tech difficulties. But yes that's why it has been kept to arcade.


Forum: Mercs (Genesis)

Thread: Original Mode

Started by: petaQpetaQ

@petaQ Was there any reason you chose PAL for your Original runs? After grinding so much for the Arcade record I'm now so used to NTSC! I'm definitely willing to change to PAL if that's where the challenge is though.

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Thread: An IL Leaderboard?

Started by: [Deleted user]

Most likely because has the IL ladders there. Check out the link in the Website tab.

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