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(this is mostly for my own benefit, but what the h*ck, it's a public forum, if you have something to contribute go ahead)

- Less busy layout. Many viewers raised concerns about the layout for FF2 making the gameplay window too small, especially for older games. I already have a design in mind for next year's layout (a static airfield), should be easy to get a suitable layout with that design in mind. Important to note that the layout for FF2 is the fault of the organizer, not the artist, who made exactly what was asked of her (and did very well with it).

- Layouts for both newer and older games. Older games had to have their game windows truncated even further, with "black bars" on either side needed if the game wasn't to be stretched or have part of it covered up (which was deemed less favourable). This will take some time (i.e. money) to do properly, as it will double the expense for layouts, but it's well worth doing and worth doing well.

- More diligent vetting of submission videos. Most of the runs showcased in Fleet Fest II were perfectly fine, occasional technical issues aside, but a few fell drastically short of what was expected on the presentation side. This goal will be aided by two new rules for submissions next time around: runners must be 18+ years old, and no web games to be considered (if the game would not get a leaderboard in this modern era of, it will not be considered for Fleet Fest III).

- A better understanding of Discord voice chat, specifically how it does and does not impact OBS/stream. This is, doubtless, the easiest goal to achieve. While the practice of alerting runners to on-air status in marathon chat was essentially successful, it would be easier, more streamlined, and just give a better look if the organizer talked directly to the runners.

- Better communication of incentives and of beneficiary charity. Almost no donors specifically mentioned any incentives. These are meant to be the thing that draws donations in, so they need to be better communicated in some way (perhaps verbally between or even during runs, on a more regular basis). A chat command was available with information about the beneficiary charity of Fleet Fest II, but that's a bit dry and impersonal. The better appeal is certainly to be made by a person.


-A donation counter on the stream layout.

-A place where we can more easily see incentives and bid wars without the need to type a command. This could even be done in the layout itself for upcoming runs.

-Stream layout panel graphics - I am seriously considering making some myself when I dabble more into graphics. They could be airplane banners...hell you could even use that concept as part of the stream layout itself.

-A more harmonious palette in the stream layout. It feels clashy which makes it feel more busy than it should. I didn't want to bring it up earlier because it was too late at that point.

-A way to talk with the host via voice. It's not just more convenient for the runner and results in less communication issues (that's what happened to me at the start oops), it can add entertainment via the occasional additional commentary too.

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I'll freely admit I don't know many tricks-of-the-trade when it comes to streaming. When I do my personal stream, I sit down, press the start streaming button, and that's basically it. So things like donation tickers, brb screens that more relate to the marathon (i.e. incentives and bid wars status) rather than the same 8 photos from the charity cycled over and over, fancy fade-ins, any stuff like that.....I mean, look. You saw how many times I said something like "whoops, forgot that was visible." I'm gonna need some help with stuff like this 😛


Most of my issues as well as issues from people I linked to the stream relate to the layout. The art and themeing is nice, but a lot of it resulted in empty space or useless information. I included an approximation of what the stream looked like below:

Now with comments:

Rough idea of how to improve based on my comments:
https:/​/​imgur.​com/​Pt6iiRH - Having the digital screens would allow for smooth ticking between runner, game name, and category. That way they don't all have to appear at the same time, wasting space. The game area is zoomed in much more while also allowing some of the art on the sides to shine through the windows. Font choice is more fitting, and the colors of the fonts are consistent with each other.

Note that this is all a rough concept for improving the layout as it currently exists. I think the best way to figure out how to do a layout like this is to start with the bare essentials and find out what spaces are going to require artwork from there, that way you can focus on providing the optimal amount of game/information/charity coverage while not making the layout overbearing in comparison. But of course, this is all just from my point of view.

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Yeah even if the layout was without complaint I'd be getting a new one for next time.

I'm willing to learn new tricks (cycling info in and out like you say) but as mentioned, I'm gonna need some tutoring.