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Our next event is announced! Keep posted for more information. Just know right now, it'll be celebrating Xbox games just like Fleet Fest III celebrated PlayStation.

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Fleet Fest IV benefits the Whatcom Education Spay & Neuter Impact Program, also known as WeSNiP

WeSNiP provides vital medical services to the underserved community in Whatcom County, Washington. Spay and neuter not only helps control the pet population (none of us like stories about dogs and cats who can't find loving homes), but those furry friends of ours who get "fixed" most often lead longer, overall healthier lives than those that don't. I'm thrilled to hold Fleet Fest IV in this wonderful group's benefit.


I now realise I've negelected to mention anything about the event itself here (though I have on social media and Discord - join up if you haven't!). Fleet Fest IV: X Marks the Spot is a celebration of Xbox games. Any game is eligible provided it was released for some platform in the Xbox family (sorry to all you retroheads and Gods of War out there, we'll getcha next time!). Since comparatively few games are well and truly Xbox-exclusive however, additional submission priority will be granted to runs actually performed on Xbox consoles.

That said, let me re-emphasize that runs may be performed on a PlayStation, a PC, or a Nintendo console as long as the game in question also was released for an Xbox.

The event is scheduled for September 24-26, 2021. Submissions will open two months in advance of that date, and close one month in advance of it. Plenty of time to get all your hot speed games in good submittable shape!

Please respond in this thread if you have any additional questions.


SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW OPEN! Please follow the 'website' link to Fleet Fest IV's page on All submissions will be handled there this time around.