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Phase 0

Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Incentives Availability Date  
rongusrongus Twisted Metal 2 Co-Op Tournament 0:24:00 PS3 USA Link Because twisted metal 2 is an amazing PS 1 game with a ton of action. Run in short 20ish mins for medium/hard and around 8 mins for easy. Its never been run at a speedrunning event to my knowledge. We own all of the records on COOP and continue to lower the records consistently. We would prefer to run medium as we can show off the whole game but we could run hard or easy as well.. Rongus, Gary AKA jocabonestone Blow up the Statue of Liberty. We are pretty open with times.
RandyBobandyRandyBobandy Spyro Reignited Trilogy (PC) Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! 0:37:00 PC USA Link This is the Any% category of Spyro Reignited 2. It is a really interesting run that involves all the major glitches, involves skipping all orb challenges and getting to the end of the levels as quickly as possible. It shows off a lot of interesting skips N/A Soundtrack : orginal vs reignited Colour: there are 8 different colours spyro can be Available all days
ripWSBripWSB Nex Machina Any% Coop 0:30:00 PS4 USA Link This is one of the few Housemarque games that saw light on anything other than a Playstation console (Nex was also available on PC). Nex Machina is a voxel particle filled explosion of sight and sound from beginning to end of a run. Experienced co-op means there will be twice the firepower and hopefully quicker boss fights through 6 unique worlds. Despite what some may think, there is a particular method to the shmup madness in how to optimally clear rooms and bosses in the quickest manner. Though the run is short and sweet, it’s jam packed with action. ceebs5 For both ceebs5 and myself: Mar 19 - 1800-2400 ET Mar 20 - 0700-2400 ET Mar 21 - 1630-2200 ET
ripWSBripWSB LittleBigPlanet 3 Co-op 0:55:00 PS4 USA Link One of the games I always think about whenever someone mentions Playstation is Little Big Planet. The any% run does some cool tricks in the overworld to skip all the marble gathering levels. Playing co-operatively doesn’t affect the gameplay that much for this category. Helps in some spots and hurts in others, actually. The load times are pretty brutal though. We unfortunately see about 10-12 minutes of soundless load screens so that’s one of the only downsides to these runs. Also, I don’t believe there is commentary in our submitted video so just a heads up on that, too. ceebs5 For both ceebs5 and myself: Mar 19 - 1800-2400 ET Mar 20 - 0700-2400 ET Mar 21 - 1630-2200 ET
ripWSBripWSB The Unfinished Swan Any% (No Toys) 0:35:00 PS4 USA Link Until recently this was a Playstation exclusive. The game itself is a neat, artistic first person shooter (kind of....) puzzle platformer. The any% run has a few tricks to skip small sections of a few chapters and also showcases a couple of rather difficult out of bounds tricks without abusing the toy (game tools) mechanic where you can essentially skip to the end of the game after a few minutes. It’s a pretty chill game overall. Mar 19 - 1800-2400 ET Mar 20 - 0700-2400 ET Mar 21 - 0700-2200 ET