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Hello, I have noticed in this PB video that the Lap time that is shown at the top when you finish a lap, can sometimes slightly differ from the time shown in the race results. The rules actually already stated that you have to show the race results, but there are some PB video's on the leaderboards that didn't show them, and we accepted them. I'm not sure what we should do with those runs, but I'll leave them on the leaderboards for now. So any new runs that don't show the race results will from now on be rejected.


If it is as you have shown only 10ms difference, it could be difference in rounding in FO2. While I would just brush it off, since it's such a minor defference, there are times on IL leaderboards where that 10ms makes a difference.

But it could discourage someone with a bad internet to upload a 4min video, instead of a 1min one.

Nevertheless I think I agree and it has to be done from now on.

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