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Forum: Ratchet & Clank Category Extensions

Thread: UYA Category Suggestion

Started by: iIiArcturusiIiiIiArcturusiIi

chances are this wouldnt get accepted considering it's just IM% with a vid comic attached to the end of it


Forum: Ratchet & Clank

Thread: PS2

Started by: A2thaZebraA2thaZebra

loads aren't a big enough difference for the community to want to split, and the pda time loss comes from loads. this discussion has been had many times in the community and it's always resulted in no one caring enough to split the boards. also the ps4 game is a completely different game


Forum: Ratchet & Clank

Thread: PS2

Started by: A2thaZebraA2thaZebra

(edited: )

ps2 and ps3 won't be split, the differences aren't big enough, feel free to look at the differences in this pastebin:


Forum: Ratchet: Deadlocked

Thread: How much faster is SSD over HDD?

Started by: N1GHT_MAR3N1GHT_MAR3

Judging from the loads in your run, I don't think SSD saves a bunch of time over HDD, but from what I remember others in the community say it reduces some of the menu lag the game has. I'd also recommend you join the speedrunning discord ( for other questions you have. We'd be more then willing to help you with anything you're having trouble with.

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Forum: Super Lucky's Tale

Thread: Load times

Started by: Saro0fdemonsSaro0fdemons

This is incorrect, the load times differ from pc to pc.


Forum: Sonic Utopia

Thread: Timer?

Started by: lunarjumplunarjump

I believe they add the timer later


Forum: Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier

Thread: Why this stupid background ?

Started by: Nibor_NaughtyOttselNibor_NaughtyOttsel

the background is greatness tf you on about

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Forum: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Thread: Is 1p2c allowed?

Started by: DbpDbp

What do you mean by PC?


Forum: Super Lucky's Tale

Thread: Idea thread thing

Started by: Saro0fdemonsSaro0fdemons

NG+ Low% will be added


Forum: Bob Was Hungry

Thread: Categories

Started by: AvetixzAvetixz

Any% All Condiments would be the best name for that


Forum: Sonic Forces

Thread: Can we have an episode shadow category

Started by: VelanixVelanix

Any% Episode Shadow sounds fun


Forum: Super Lucky's Tale

Thread: Timing

Started by: Saro0fdemonsSaro0fdemons

I feel like timing starting on first frame you can move is a good idea, kinda like Ratchet & Clank 1 does it

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