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FinnRuns3 will be the first time International runners can attend the event. With this in mind, this thread will focus on giving info about traveling to Finland, and how to travel in Finland.

- Traveling to Finland -
- The best way to arrive to Finland will be by flying to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Helsinki-Vantaa is the biggest and most common airport when it comes to Finnish people flying abroad. A good place to look for plane tickets is Skyscanner.
- If you're from Russia (with love), you can use the Finnish train company VR to travel from Moscow and/or St. Petersburg to Finland, switch trains when in Finland, and go straight to Kuopio.

- Traveling in Finland -
- After arriving to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, you can use the newly built train connections (Ring Rail) to get to the Helsinki Train Station. Alternatively, you should be able to get a bus ride, or if there are any FinnRunners in the Helsinki area, they might be able to pick you up and point you in the right direction or even travel with you all the way to Kuopio.
- The Finnish train company is called VR. If you want to travel to Kuopio by train, this is the only way to do it. You can book tickets from the airport to Kuopio, but you're going to have to switch trains once, twice or even three times if you're unlucky.
- Flying from Helsinki-Vantaa to Kuopio is possible, but a one way ticket is going to be super expensive (over 300 euros). "Roundtrip" tickets look like they're about 100 euros, but this is something that just doesn't make sense to us and will not confirm 100%.
- There are two bus companies we're recommending: Matkahuolto and Onnibus. The ride by bus is about 5 to 7 hours long. Matkahuolto tickets from Helsinki to Kuopio will cost about 30 euros, while Onnibus will get you to Kuopio with only 8 to 14 euros. Onnibus is a very good choice, if you're really low on money.

Feel free to ask us anything, correct us if we're wrong (#blameniku) and talk about possible group rides and ridesharing. We're also updating this thread with info about people who want/need a group ride/rideshare and people who are offering such deals.


I can fly into Tampere for around the same price as Helsinki. Would it be shorter / easier / cheaper onwards to kuopio?


Tampere -> Kuopio seems to be a bit cheaper.


It also depends if you are coming Thursday or Friday if you can catch carpool. But Tampere is closer to Kuopio than Helsinki is.


Any of our abroad runners or Finish ones for that mather catching a connection train to Kuopio from Helsinki and need someone "local" travel with. Im heading to the event on Friday other than that my schedule is wide open if there is a need to have some sort of group traveling


Well, if there happen to be people taking the same train, we should meet up of course! I will be on the train that leaves from Helsinki at 11:12 AM, in Kuopio at 15:30 PM.