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Now is the time to give your feedback. Feel free to post your feedback on either Finnish or English. Be sure to specify whether your feedback is forwarded to FinnRuns or Gyostage. Here is an example made by yours truly speedfriends:

FinnRuns3 -feedback

+ Oasiz, his knowledge, his gear, and good looks
+ Good game selection
+ Stream Layout
+ Attendees

- Not enough tech-people
- Not able to test tech beforehand
- Scheduling
- We had to cut good games from the list
- Our communication with the graphics-man

GyoStage -feedback

+ Provided equipment
+ Internet (When we finally got it)
+ Flexibility
+ The venue itself
+ Organizer-crew
+ Closeness of the sleeping area
+ Our own room for sleeping
+ Bracelets
+ Free entry for FinnRuns-attendees
+ Smoking area was close
+ Hannu (Not Halonen)
+ Plastic plants

- Lack of waterstation
- Part of the promised equipment was not provided (lights, projector screen and pedestal)
- Changes of schedule
- Changes of venue
- Toilet maintenance
- Shower area was hard to find
- Security procedures
- Where are our showers?
- Smoking area was too close
- Lack of vegetarian food
- Kuopio


Going to mostly repeat what was said.
A word about tech as I am terribly sorry about the issues that popped up that resulted in cut runs.

We had about 2 hours to set up the corner from scratch, this includes stuff up to power and network & tables. While we did a really good job getting it all together before the start (Thanks to everyone who was helping!) we still ran in to crazy ground loop issues that we were afraid of.
My miracle, no shop had those isolators in stock but the venue had two of those in storage!

Anyway, There was a 3-input setup with really good quality capture cards, for some reason one of them started acting up and freezing OBS. Long story short, stuff that has always worked in personal use started causing issues, hence the setup that I had planned for more seamless switching was out of the window. This is one of the main reasons why setup times took as long as they did in some cases, essentially just one capture card to work with for the 85% of the marathon and every 2-3rd game requiring minor to major changes between.
Thanks for the patience between the runs, I really tried to improvise as much as I could to minimize the impact 😛

+ Relaxed atmosphere between organizing
+ Game selection
+ Attendees

- More tech buffer on schedule, this was discussed and mostly just mentioning it here for noting it.
Run estimates should always have a fixed +5min or +10min instead of set buffers as filling gaps with wildcards is much better than being 2hrs behind.

- Lack of a split button, I had the PCB and everything but I lacked a button and time to do it. This is something I'd want to have in next year as it's more than just a silly gimmick.

- Practice room, Won't say more since I guess everyone is aware of the shortcomings anyway.

+ Flexibility
+ Sleeping
+ Free entry
+ Letting us do our "own thing" without stops
+ Equipment
+ Ale pupi

- Really poor setup time
- Handling of teardown
- Extremely excessive security, I have never seen anything like this in a LAN/demo party and I'd argue that even some airport security checks have been quicker than this. This was really frustrating as I ran to help with tech during one night and I was checked 4 times in 3hrs total. Big no-no for comfort.

Overall I had a blast !


Cba writing a novel right now, but I just want to give Gyostage feedback about the security. It made absolutely no sense whatsoever! I can come in with 2 huge bags of stuff and they are not looking at them at ALL, instead the onion in my pocket is extremely interesting and I just have to reveal it. Some of the security guards definitely just did stuff because they felt like they have the power which made me very unhappy. Also did we even have showers to use anywhere?

This kind of stuff is ABSOLUTELY not needed in a LAN party, people will come in with huge amounts of stuff and whether you want it or not, there is nothing you can do about it. So please change this policy.

Other than that, Finnruns was great. I would have liked some HDMI monitors to practice with (not all consoles can use CRT televisions you know). The delays and so on were unfortunate but that's life.


Shoutouts to anyone doing tech, you did a good job with all the shit that came your way (such as my PC suddenly deciding it didn't want to deal with 2 monitors anymore)

My only complaints really are the practice room, the team LAN stuff being where our corner was and all the random tech stuff that gyostage (I think) pulled.

It was a great event though, loved the game selection and stream layouts, but more so the amazing people. Love all of you that I had a chance to hang out with ❤️ Can't wait to do it again!


As I took part in writing the OP, don't really have much else to say to that.

There are a few people who owe me 6 or so euros for the burgers at Hesburger though, so if you could send me that money that'd be great.

Bank: FI70 5172 0220 0440 60

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