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My Spyro 3 any% run (why did you pick this category over 100 egg fml LOL) might have to be moved a bit, I have some overlapping with school schedules. Will keep you informed once I figure it out.

EDIT: If you want to be EXTREMELY safe, you can already move my Spyro 3 any% run to Sunday. This will cause me no harm and will make it so I will surely be there for my run.

Also if there are any cancellations that the schedule would allow, I am a much better player in 100 egg than any%. Just throwing that out there.

EDIT2: I got everything sorted out now pretty much, I will arrive at Kuopio 20:48 in Friday, this is the earliest I can make so Spyro 3 any% definitely needs to be moved.


Last Finnruns was completely in Finnish. I believe the people coming from other countries will do English tho lol


We'll be holding a lightning Finnish course for the international runners and they should be fine commentating in Finnish.

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My Sly 1 (NTSC) hasn't arrived yet even though it should have been arrived three weeks ago. I might need to cancel this run, since I don't have the game nor time to practice the one major skip that needs be done. I am giving one more week for Amazon. I'll let you guys know if I won't be running this game. Sorry about this!