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Thread: Platform Requests / Tagging games to be part of a series / Adjusting game type or game title

Started by: DangerlessDangerless

Requesting Outlast ( as base game for Outlast category extensions,

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Thread: Outlast Speedrunning Discord

Started by: finathfinath

Link has been updated

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Thread: New(?) "Zombie" Glitch

Started by: iBotiBot

Not new, it happens occasionally on superman. Not really useful.

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Thread: Coming back to the game- run removed?

Started by: Umbra_LUmbra_L

The load screen allows you to jump without landing penalty for about 3 seconds, we decided that is not allowed when starting the run. Your run happened to be the only run that used it.

You will see the difference if you wait 4 seconds and jump. You will get the normal landing penalty, which makes you slower that just running.


Forum: Outlast

Thread: Outlast Speedrunning Discord

Started by: finathfinath

Invite link to the discord https:/​/​discord.​gg/​0ot7C7oKWutacrXE .

Realized the old link was missing so there's the new one.


Forum: Outlast Category Extensions

Thread: Category

Started by: LuggahLuggah

So it's no oob minus door glitches?


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Thread: Define Glitchless?

Started by: GabstericalGabsterical

@Gabsterical No, jumping at the prison block to skip that ledge is not allowed on glitchless.

@DodoExtreme16 I'm not sure what you mean. If you mean the part in female ward where you run across the floor and it breaks (before you lose the camera), you are not allowed to jump over to skip it.


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Thread: Resident Evil 7 Speedrun Rejected PS4

Started by: MG_7721MG_7721

You can save the video by pressing Share button and pressing square to save the video.

To ensure that you get the whole run you need to save the video just before starting the run, then during the run before 1h has passed save the video again. If the run goes past 2 hours, save the video once more before 1h from last save has passed and so on. Obviously save once more when the run has ended.

You can then use usb drive to transfer the videos to pc and join them with video editor. Upload to youtube and submit the run.


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Thread: LiveSplit & Load Remove

Started by: Steakanemon29Steakanemon29

Guide is out of date, since you don't need to download anything seperately anymore.

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Thread: 300 Runners

Started by: xenozzzxenozzz

Number of currently active players
13 :thinking:

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Thread: is this allowed in glitchless?

Started by: SnoozexdSnoozexd

It's not allowed, read the rules.

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Thread: I don't completely agree with the No OoB rules.

Started by: Austin112Austin112

The reason that "clip" at the library and others similar to it are allowed is because you hitbox doesn't actually go through anything. I know it seems confusing, but if you make the hitbox visible, you will see that doing the door ride glitch makes your hitbox tiny, which allows it to slip through the small gap between the wall and the bookcase. This is the way we have decided to have the no OoB rules, so I suggest you make use of these glitches, as long as you don't actually go through any wall.

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Thread: Why is there no all chapters for whistleblower?

Started by: JoshieJoshie

Actually it makes more sense now than before, so maybe it should be added. Not having to do any version of the courtyard skip is pretty good SeemsGood

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Thread: fps config is allowed?

Started by: Vlad2DVlad2D

No it's not allowed.


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Thread: Broken cutscene skip

Started by: MasterXdXMasterXdX

Old skip, not really useful for anything since any% is already a lot faster than that and no other category can use it.


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Thread: time w/o loads = time w/ loads?

Started by: badmamafalconbadmamafalcon

You're playing on PS4, there's no way to stop livesplit at the loadscreens. Only way to time the loadscreens on console runs is manually. You can just time the loadscreens and add them up, or if you want a precise time you need to use a video editor and edit out the loadscreen frames. It's not really necessary except for top times.

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Thread: Just a useless cutscene skip.

Started by: stivstiv

So gut check prevents fall damage? Wonder if there's any other place where this could be used. Can't think of any.