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Hi, I'm not a actual speedrunner of this game but I love what you guys do and I have a question that I don't seem to find a trustworthy answer so far. What difficulty really changes in this game? Enemy AI, HP, damage?

Even FAQs on GameFaqs don't explain it. The only piece of info I found was on Strategy Wiki website:

"Game level determines amount of enemy health, amount and quality of bonuses you will find, and their effectiveness. You can choose between Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert. To see the ending, beat the game on any difficulty, but easy."

If that's true (more HP), shouldn't be separated rankings for Expert/Easy?

Thanks for reading


Hey @AvelinoAvelino sorry for the late answer, i wasn't around this board for a while and to be frank with you i do agree that there's a big difference between Easy and Expert mode though i don't recall by memory the HP and damage value being different.

The AI is definitely more agressive and faster making it harder to land infinite on enemy groups for example and there's more enemy spawns (Example Easy 1screen got 9 Expert got 12) etc....

Huxxny however was against separating the difficulties and as far as i know, no runners voiced complains about it so it just stayed that way.

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