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Without further ado - We are removing the IL leaderboards.

--- Reasoning ---

1) The boards are incomplete
- Example picked at random: Ultimate Doom E1M4 Max has 2 entries on, but 36 on dsda

2) Their existence leads to confusion. There is an expectation that they are the source of truth when it comes to doom speedrunning. As mentioned above, this is not true.

3) Authenticity - doom speedrunning has various important requirements to prove the authenticity of runs. Among them, using compatible source ports and recording demos. These are fundamental in the community and the boards aren't really set up to serve this purpose.

4) It's a poor investment to expend lots of effort maintaining a board that is actually a mirror of another board, but simultaneously only a tiny subset.

5) The boards are missing lots of relevant categories (as a necessary result of 4)

--- Summary ---

The page is nice for casual players or as a landing page for people coming in from google or elsewhere on the site, but not really the place for serious competition.

Runners interested in working on ILs would be best served by joining the doom speedrunning community proper, either in the discord or on the doomworld forums.

ILs for Ultimate Doom/Doom II/Plutonia/TNT can be found on corresponding pages on http:/​/​doomedsda.​us/​ (and eventually on https:/​/​dsdarchive.​com/​ as it is still under construction).