Is free dlc not allowed?
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Is free dlc not allowed?
Capital Territory, Australia

I don't read a lot of the discord messages so sorry if this has already been discussed but are all forms of dlc banned in runs or just paid dlc and stuff that comes with the season pass? The game is already ran on the latest version so I don't really see a problem with also allowing the latest downloadable items like the regular holiday pass. I understand not allowing paid dlc since it kinda makes the game seem more like pay to win. But I don't really see a reason not to allow free additional content.

Indiana, USA

if I'm not mistaken it was decided to make all DLC banned. I'm not 100% the reason other than i think it makes it easier to not use it because if free DLC is allowed some people might get confused on what is free and what isn't free if they downloaded both free and paid dlc at the same time. That's just my opinion though.

Aberdeen, Scotland

My understanding is that you're not allowed to use it.

If you have it, then it loses you time, but for the PS4 version I have no idea if you're able to remove it. As long as you don't equip any of the DLC items, then you're fine.

As far as things like the half price pass for lodgings, you're not allowed to use that, so if you do have that, then you need to avoid using lodgings which will further add to your time.

United States

Defining what exactly is DLC is a bit tricky, but for the time being, we're defining DLC as: Optional downloadable content (paid or free, key word ¤optional¤). Having DLC is fine, as it seems in some cases depending on platform and version of the game you own, you can not delete the DLC. Using DLC to gain time is not allowed, but simply having the DLC does not invalidate a run.


That's cool that there's no restriction there OOT but why not just make a "Restricted" Category and then a Category where items like Nyxperiece Band and the Fanfare Accessories are allowed?

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