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General Movement
Christmas Island

I started video on the same frame as movement actually started, and then ended it on the same frame as passing certain landmarks. It should be noted that for general movement, jumping is the fastest in most situations. There are various places that it's faster to roll because of the starting animation for running vs rolling once. I actually stopped in the wrong spot on the going down the stairs part of the video, but you can clearly see that jumping is farther along. Warping forward is always faster but MP management kind of plays a factor.


This exploit seems like it could be performed as early as the Dualhorn Dave sends you to kill in Chapter 1. Would shave a lot of time in a speed run but would this require a new category like Any% Glitchless?

Infinite MP Glitch was patched out of the game a while ago.

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Yeah it was used for a handful of runs but since it has been patched out it's essentially not valid anymore as runs require the latest patch.