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What about Adding the Raid Content to the Leaderboards?
Coil 1-5
Coil 6-9
Coil 10-13
The Whole Alexander Crap


On the full game leaderboards there are categories for each of these, none of them have a solo category though which is why I've not submitted anything to them. Perhaps they could do do with an expansion? For example like the dungeons they could be separated into individual levels with the synced, solo and party runs whilst maintaining the full coil runs as well.
Other than raid content I had the idea of a new "100%" category for dungeons in which a run consists of defeating every enemy and claiming every chest.
Edit: also not sure how the timing works for a full run of a raid, I assume we'd use the cumulative time for each instance's in game time.

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As an Addition to Solo Mode for raids the whole Full Party Category Needs to be reworked. No one is doing a full raid Tier (4 Fights) in a row. So please please Change the Full Party raids to individual Levels.
Coil 1
Coil 2
Coil 3
And so on. if you need a List for every specific raid content let me know and I'll provide a list for each Level. this can then be devided into the specific Categories. Solo / Coop / Synced / Min. I-lvl.

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TBH I still like the idea of doing an entire raid tier in a single run. Perhaps the full raid category could remain on the full game page and then the individual levels, Turn 1, Turn 2 ...ect, could go on the individual levels section (beneath trials perhaps, under a new header called Raids).
If we were to keep the full tier runs as a category it would be nice to have the timing rules determined and stated in the rules. As there is nothing there at the moment I've been hesitant to post any runs, if I do I will use the sum of the in game times as I think its unfair to include load times although an RTA timer could also work I suppose.


I've been a little unsure about the 'Full Party' thing for the raids. Do we HAVE to have 8 players? By extension, does that mean the raids have to be sync'd? 'Cause unfortunately I don't really know 8 people who are that interested in running the old content.

I've been hoping for these to be changed to solo, co-op and sync'd, like the general dungeons. Whether they get listed as the full raid tier or individually doesn't really matter to me, but I'm just hoping the raids themselves have more accessible speedrunning options soon.


@ZantePrayer completely agree, now that more of the individual levels are accessible to solo and unsynced groups, I would also like to see the changes you mentioned. I'm not sure about the current situation though.

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I also think they should be listed individually since they're separate instances and as mentioned, can be completed solo when unsynced. It's fine to have a separate category for doing the entirety of a raid tier together, but when most content is listed individually, it's weird to exclude the older raids.